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innovation Hubs Without Walls.

iventure hubs without walls are driven by a mission to democratize opportunity for low-income youth & women by leveraging the power of the digital economy.

Our expereience shows that providing meaningful, dignified, living wage work is the best way to lift people out of poverty. 

By leveraging technology, specifically artificial intelligence, we will democratize access to job opportunities for low-income youth and women.

Today, our vision is to continue to pioneer new technologies and business methods that harness the power of markets for social good, leveling the playing field for those who do not share equally in the benefits of human progress. 





The community innovation HUBS we design are self-sustaining with the main aim being to help the poor in developing countries save for the future, invest in their businesses.

The result is a chain reaction of benefits for women and families. Incomes and food security increase. Families can pay fees to send their children to school. They can build assets and endure emergencies. 

iventure and partners seek to start at least 500  Community HUBS by 2030. Our goal of reaching is to reach 10 million individuals with up-to-date innovation technology and entrepreneurship information


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Ntinda Ministers Village, Plot 3 Church Road

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